The end is near..

Much like Ellen she couldn’t be more excited for this semester to end.

Today marks the final day of assignments for semester one, and I couldn’t be happier. This semester has been a never ending roller coaster and lets just say I have never been a huge fan of roller coasters. I have cried on multiple occasions, stayed up and had continuous late nights, spent countless hours researching and proof reading assignments and had to cut my work hours in half to ensure I wouldn’t sink under.

I feel I am more than deserving of these fast approaching holidays. Now just to find the motivation to finish off this last assignment in order to put a close to this semester. I am looking forward to having a look on Pinterest as this is something I really enjoy looking at in my spare time

Happy end of semester 😀


Report Cards

FAIL by amboo who?, on Flickr
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The end of term is fast approaching and myself like many other teachers across the country are feeling overwhelmed as they not only have to plan a series of lessons, but are also having to collect the necessary data in order complete a number of report cards by the end of next week.

I was lucky enough today to have the opportunity to explore the OneSchool webpage and actually enter student results. It was great to operate and attempt entering in student results as this is something I will be expected to do as a qualified teacher, however I may never have the opportunity to experiment with the OneSchool webpage during placements.

This practicum has been an experience of a lifetime and I am incredibly sad to only have 4 days remaining.. 😦

Preparing for my FINAL week of professional experience

student teacher by Rex Pe, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Rex Pe 

As I spend my weekend preparing for my last week of professional experience, I am feeling a wave of mixed emotions.

I feel as though I have been truly blessed having been paired up with the most amazing mentor teacher. So amazing in fact she has challenged me take on a 5 full days of teaching in my last week, and has also offered to be my mentor teacher again when it comes time to complete my internship.

I am excited to be given the opportunity to take on 5 full days of teaching, however I am already feeling so exhausted with the work load I received over this past week. Across the entire week my favourite upcoming day will more than likely be Tuesday. This Tuesday my mentor teacher is assisting the school music teacher with an excursion to fan fair, leaving me behind to monitor a group of 15 students on my own for 4.5 hours with no relief teacher assigned to my room. I feel this prac has really allowed me to act as a qualified teacher rather than all of the students knowing I am only learning to be a teacher.

I believe it is because of my mentor teacher who is challenging me each and every day, that the school now believes I am capable of being left alone. This is a massive confidence boost for me and I cannot wait for what this week has in store for me.

Just to be safe, I have approached the class teacher next door and we have organised a buddy class system to take place if necessary. Here is hoping I have a successful Tuesday and last week of prac. 😀

Minimal opportunity for ICT integration

It has been a struggle to implement ICTs within my lessons, which enhances student learning outcomes throughout this particular prac.

1. One reason in particular is the limited resources the school has on offer in order for effective ICT use to occur.

2. Prior to my lesson I am setting up and logging into different devices and programs to organise myself. No matter how organised I am prior to the commencement of my lesson, I still find myself wasting valuable time instructing my students on how to use a particular program or simply navigating the interactive whiteboard takes up valuable time.

Although I am using ICTs within some of my lessons, they are in no way furthering or enhancing their learning. I am finding it more appropriate to stick to traditional methods of teaching practice to avoid the stress of implementing it, enhancing student learning outcomes and also finding a program which is relevant to the topic.

This article understands my current thoughts, as it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using ICT instead of sticking with traditional approaches to teaching. I am really interested to know how my peers are coping with implementing ICTs within the classroom. Does anyone else have similar thoughts?

Thank God It’s Almost Friday – TGIAF

Day 4 has just finished and I am afraid if I sit or lay down, I may just not move ever again. Talk about EXHAUSTED, much like Haylea!

I have somehow managed to make it through until day, however I am afraid I may run myself down before the end of this prac is over. Which I really cannot afford at this point in time, it would only add to the stress with three assignments and an exam waiting for me only a few days after prac. I have to keep on pushing, its great to know in 5 weeks today I will be on my way to the USA, that certainly helps.

I have learnt a lot of things in my short time at this school and am feeling privileged to be apart of their teaching team. I think it is one of the best schools I have ever been too. My mentor is certainly well-known, as she constantly has her colleagues roaming in and out of our room asking for her opinion or assistance in a number of areas.

I physically cannot write any more as I am about to fall asleep.  Goodnight!

I am a teacher

In preparation for prac starting tomorrow I have completed a number of tasks which help me to feel organised, prepared and eager to set foot within my new classroom tomorrow morning.

In order for myself to feel prepared as I arrive first thing tomorrow morning I have completed the following tasks. I have read through my past prac reports and made note of any ares which need addressing, I have downloaded the necessary forms and templates needed whilst on prac, I have looked at the schools webpage and printed out the schools responsible behaviour management plan. I feel that all of these steps I have taken so far today are highly necessary in order to feel prepared for my practicum.

However I am wanting to go one step further and really make a good first impression to my mentor teacher and my class. In order to do so I have collected and packed resources I feel may be of assistance to me over the next three weeks these include children’s books, some fast finisher work sheets found at this link here and have name tags ready to go. I have also established the behaviour management strategies and reward systems I wish to implement whilst on prac, I really feel I have selected age appropriate strategies which will engage and motivate my learners.

I would also like to do a get to know you activity with the children, so they are able to learn a little bit about me while I am able to find out some information about them and begin to build relationships. However the activity I would like to take no longer than 20 minutes as this first week the students will really be trying to finish off their pieces of assessment in order to move onto the what next.

Its not hard to see my excitement coming off the page. Professional experience is what I look forward to and makes my time at university worthwhile. As we are only go out twice a year its safe to say I certainly will make the most of it.

Stay tuned to hear how my first few days went later in the week. 😀

Bye for now!

Another Prac Update

My last post stated I had been assigned a year 4 class and had a male teacher. However this has now changed. I now have a female teacher and a 3/4 composite class with 10 year 3s and 14 year 4s.

This morning I visited my placement school and was introduced to my mentor teacher and the 24 children I will be working with for the next few weeks.

Upon my visit I was informed of a number of things that the school has to offer for their students. As the school has approximately 600 students with more than half having come from another country and speak up to 25 different languages they have a rather large ESL unit. They also have an SEP unit unit, before and after school support groups and several other support systems in play to offer the best education possible for their students. I am incredibly excited to sink my teeth into some new and wonderful opportunities that will be thrown my way.

Although their are many opportunities available to me, I cannot help but feel nervous and anxious about starting on Monday morning. There really are some wonderful and passionate teachers out there and once again I am lucky enough to have found another..

Bring on Monday :D..