I am a teacher

In preparation for prac starting tomorrow I have completed a number of tasks which help me to feel organised, prepared and eager to set foot within my new classroom tomorrow morning.

In order for myself to feel prepared as I arrive first thing tomorrow morning I have completed the following tasks. I have read through my past prac reports and made note of any ares which need addressing, I have downloaded the necessary forms and templates needed whilst on prac, I have looked at the schools webpage and printed out the schools responsible behaviour management plan. I feel that all of these steps I have taken so far today are highly necessary in order to feel prepared for my practicum.

However I am wanting to go one step further and really make a good first impression to my mentor teacher and my class. In order to do so I have collected and packed resources I feel may be of assistance to me over the next three weeks these include children’s books, some fast finisher work sheets found at this link here and have name tags ready to go. I have also established the behaviour management strategies and reward systems I wish to implement whilst on prac, I really feel I have selected age appropriate strategies which will engage and motivate my learners.

I would also like to do a get to know you activity with the children, so they are able to learn a little bit about me while I am able to find out some information about them and begin to build relationships. However the activity I would like to take no longer than 20 minutes as this first week the students will really be trying to finish off their pieces of assessment in order to move onto the what next.

Its not hard to see my excitement coming off the page. Professional experience is what I look forward to and makes my time at university worthwhile. As we are only go out twice a year its safe to say I certainly will make the most of it.

Stay tuned to hear how my first few days went later in the week. 😀

Bye for now!


3 thoughts on “I am a teacher

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